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Fifty Shades of Grey

It really seemed as though everywhere I turned they were talking about The Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy!  I really didn’t want to jump on the bandwagon but I I was very curious to see how these books could have the entire world in an uproar.

I bit the bullet and got the books and embarked on a very “kinky” journey.  The book is about a wealthy and successful young man, Christian Grey who meets what would be an unlikely match for him.  The young Lady, Anastasia Steele, is young, smart and beautiful and she falls for Christian the instant she sees him.

The plot takes us into many twists and turns but I believe that its the sexual content that has America and the rest of the world all wanting more.  In the first book, I literally caught myself glancing over my shoulders to see if anyone was watching me!  The sexual content is graphic to say the least but as the book went on, the sex scenes just became a bit monotonous.  For me, it was the terrific underlying story line that kept me interested.

All in all, I must say it was indeed a great read (although I am not done with the final book).  I am dying to see how this love story will turn out.


If you have not read it yet, go get your copy now (that’s if you can stomach a lot of S&M)!



Lunch Box

Ever so often I meet with a few friends during the work week to have lunch.  This week I met women from so many different parts of the world.  We had 2 Americans, 1 Israeli, 1 Filipino and 1 Russian including myself (Antiguan).

It is truly amazing that women from different backgrounds could have so much in common!  We sat to discuss food, books, men, kids and so much more.

I had the spaghetti and meatballs, it was delicious!!  I must admit that I also had a glass of wine although I had to head back to work after (don’t judge me).

Here’s my dish:-


Here’s the group shot of beautiful women from around the world!



The “Big” School

Currently, I am living in the Philippines and there are many things that truly amaze me about this country.  One thing in particular is the transition a child makes from the pre-school level to the elementary level.  Here in Manila, they call it going to a “Big School”.

I’ve had a horrible time trying to find the right school for my 6 year old son and after much deliberation, finally decided to go with one called The Everest Academy.  This school is a Catholic International School which has branches in several parts of the world.  We were given an interview date and time and my husband and I showed up quite un-certain of what to ask or what we would be asked…or so I thought.

It seems that my wonderful husband had an itching question in his mind.  Once the kind nun gave us the opportunity to ask questions, my husband, in a not too timid fashion, asked the unthinkable!

“How do I know that my son is going to be safe here…you know, with all the stereotypes of priests and little boys?”  I literally wanted the ground to SWALLOW me up!  I mean I hadn’t given that any thought at all, well maybe a little, but I surely don’t thikn I would have said it.  The nun politely replied, “That is a tough question, and I am so glad you asked it!”  Who was she kidding?  She probably wanted to kick us out right then and there.  I do believe the nun was able to reassure my husband that our son would indeed be in good hands and I feel that my husband was also relieved when we left there.

That aside, the time is drawing near for our son to start “The Big School” and I am a nervous wreck- obviously not about the priest bit but the fact that he’s actually going to be in a real school, with assignments and gone for longer hours realllyyyyyy scares me. I will keep you all updated with the progress though!


Caption This!


Superman: the strong, the brave…the tired? 

I walked into my living room the other day and found my “overly obsessed with superheroes” son lying on the centre table.  I asked him “Are you tired Superman?” and he quirkily replied…”Yeah, don’t you know even superheroes need rest?”

I later posted the pic to facebook and the comments were hilarious!  People kept trying to caption the photo…so go ahead- take a crack at it and “Caption This Pic”.


The Skinny

I’ve always been told that I am not the average woman.  I am pretty slim and have been doing everything I possibly can to gain some weight.  I recently read an article where Jada Pinkett Smith stated that she hated the fact that people constantly reminded her just how skinny she is.

On the cover of shape magazine, she looks amazing!!


Let’s face it, I am NO Jada Pinkett Smith but I do feel the same way she does.  Skinny women have feelings too!  Why is it considered unkind for people to say “You are so fat” but not unkind for people to say “You are so skinny”, especially if the woman has been trying her entire life to gain weight!

A few weeks ago I went to a function and a friend, who I had not seen in about a month, commented that I looked “too” skinny.  It hurt my feelings so much that I didn’t know what to say…its very crazy because I had only lost 1lb since she last saw me and I felt like there is absolutely nothing I could do to ever stay at a weight that I felt would be good enough for society.

So I decided to say “Screw Society!”  I feel like I look good so why should I care about everyone else’s opinion?  I guess that that’s just the way society is…and as humans we can’t help but feel “uncomfortable” in our own skin sometimes, some of us are just never ever really satisfied.

Today, I am trying to look at myself differently and trying to remind myself that the body that I have is coveted by many women out there so BE HAPPY!!



Here’s to all the Skinny Ladies!!!



This is my beautiful island of Antigua in the Caribbean… How amazing is that???!!!

Goodbye Shadow



I am the biggest punk you will ever meet…period! One of my many crazy fears is a fear of dogs…so I decided that the only way I could ever get over my fear is to go out and get a dog. My kids were also scared so I though, heck, this will teach everyone to love dogs in the end.

One day we set out to pick a dog and saw some of my different sizes and colors, we came across a beautiful all black fur ball and everyone fell in love. That fur ball was Shadow, our amazing chow chow. We took him home without thinking twice!

Shadow was almost 3 months when we got him and 8 months when he left us. In the last few weeks, Shadow had become extremely aggressive and we thought, well, for sure we can have him trained and back to the lovable pup we knew he could be. The advice I received from the dog trainer was that chows, by nature, are very aggressive and not suitable for families (especially families as rowdy as mine). Chows like their own space and don’t like to be bothered so you can imagine how agitated Shadow was when my kids didn’t give him his own space. The final straw came a few nights ago when he bit my husband twice. The sight of the blood made us realize that something needed to be done or else, it could be one of your sons next.

We found a great dog loving guy who had a female chow chow and was more than willing to take Shadow in. This didn’t make the goodbyes any easier. We just couldn’t contain ourselves and we all had a good cry.

I dedicate this post to my dear Shadow who I will miss terribly. I hope he gets along with his new family!

P.S. my kids are already asking when they can get a new dog!

The beginning!

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

This is actually my first time blogging and I’m still trying to decide what on earth I’m going to write about but I think my life is interesting enough to find some thing to say!

As a mother of 2 with a full time job and studying part time, I can barely find time to breathe, yet, I plan to blog! Hats off to me I say…stick around guys, it just may get interesting around here!