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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

***Disclaimer:- I am not turning this into a Hair Blog***

…But, I wanted to stress just how much I miss my hair.  I have been reading lots of hair blogs recently and I have felt a bit….inspired, to get back to the length that I had previously.  My hair looked amazing for the first time in a long time, it was healthy and long.  Then, like the typical Chatrishe, I was bored…I needed change, so I decided to go for a nice colour.  In the beginning, it looked beautiful but then I started losing my hair…it was all over the bathroom floor and wouldn’t stop falling.

Here are the before shots, the fourth pic at the bottom right is the first shot of the colour.



Now, I am struggling to get to this length again…I have been washing my hair more often and treating it and trying to use less heat.  this is where I am right now…



I still have a long way to go but I am motivated!!!  Gotta get back to the where I was before!!!

Wish me luck!


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