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Crazy Rain in Manila

I’m not sure how many of you have seen what’s been going on in the Philippines on the news. We have been having some crazy monsoon rain for about 5 days. At first I thought that it was a really crazy storm but the news forecaster commented on evening on the news that what we had been experiencing is just rain!

The Philippines is known to flood very easily and what we experienced in the past few days was crazy flooding and landslides in some areas.

Here are a few photos to help you understand the magnitude of this disaster.







Please keep the people of the Philippines in your thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time and remember, always be thankful even for the little things!!



  1. WTH is an Antiguan doing in Manilla lol?

    BTW,I’m from Barbuda. Live in NYC but go back and forth to BBQ and ANU.

    • Hahah! I came out here for work about 6 years ago and I am still loving it!

      • Sounds cool. You are from Antigua right?
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      • Yep, born and bred!

      • Ok cool enough. What do you blog about mostly?
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