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The “Big” School

Currently, I am living in the Philippines and there are many things that truly amaze me about this country.  One thing in particular is the transition a child makes from the pre-school level to the elementary level.  Here in Manila, they call it going to a “Big School”.

I’ve had a horrible time trying to find the right school for my 6 year old son and after much deliberation, finally decided to go with one called The Everest Academy.  This school is a Catholic International School which has branches in several parts of the world.  We were given an interview date and time and my husband and I showed up quite un-certain of what to ask or what we would be asked…or so I thought.

It seems that my wonderful husband had an itching question in his mind.  Once the kind nun gave us the opportunity to ask questions, my husband, in a not too timid fashion, asked the unthinkable!

“How do I know that my son is going to be safe here…you know, with all the stereotypes of priests and little boys?”  I literally wanted the ground to SWALLOW me up!  I mean I hadn’t given that any thought at all, well maybe a little, but I surely don’t thikn I would have said it.  The nun politely replied, “That is a tough question, and I am so glad you asked it!”  Who was she kidding?  She probably wanted to kick us out right then and there.  I do believe the nun was able to reassure my husband that our son would indeed be in good hands and I feel that my husband was also relieved when we left there.

That aside, the time is drawing near for our son to start “The Big School” and I am a nervous wreck- obviously not about the priest bit but the fact that he’s actually going to be in a real school, with assignments and gone for longer hours realllyyyyyy scares me. I will keep you all updated with the progress though!



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