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I’ve always been told that I am not the average woman.  I am pretty slim and have been doing everything I possibly can to gain some weight.  I recently read an article where Jada Pinkett Smith stated that she hated the fact that people constantly reminded her just how skinny she is.

On the cover of shape magazine, she looks amazing!!


Let’s face it, I am NO Jada Pinkett Smith but I do feel the same way she does.  Skinny women have feelings too!  Why is it considered unkind for people to say “You are so fat” but not unkind for people to say “You are so skinny”, especially if the woman has been trying her entire life to gain weight!

A few weeks ago I went to a function and a friend, who I had not seen in about a month, commented that I looked “too” skinny.  It hurt my feelings so much that I didn’t know what to say…its very crazy because I had only lost 1lb since she last saw me and I felt like there is absolutely nothing I could do to ever stay at a weight that I felt would be good enough for society.

So I decided to say “Screw Society!”  I feel like I look good so why should I care about everyone else’s opinion?  I guess that that’s just the way society is…and as humans we can’t help but feel “uncomfortable” in our own skin sometimes, some of us are just never ever really satisfied.

Today, I am trying to look at myself differently and trying to remind myself that the body that I have is coveted by many women out there so BE HAPPY!!



Here’s to all the Skinny Ladies!!!



  1. You look great by the way! I have the same problem as you do; people think they can comment on my size and food openly. I feel like they’re trying to shame me for being healthy. You’re right… Imagine the fall out if we were to say, “Getting a bit chubby are you?” or “So how’s your plan to clog your arteries going?”. It’s an amazing double standard in this society.

    • Thanks! We are truly living in a society that has double standards…

  2. Shari Roberts

    I love this and you know I definitely can relate!!!! Cheers to the skinny ladies. We are all beautiful in our own way!!

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