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Goodbye Shadow



I am the biggest punk you will ever meet…period! One of my many crazy fears is a fear of dogs…so I decided that the only way I could ever get over my fear is to go out and get a dog. My kids were also scared so I though, heck, this will teach everyone to love dogs in the end.

One day we set out to pick a dog and saw some of my different sizes and colors, we came across a beautiful all black fur ball and everyone fell in love. That fur ball was Shadow, our amazing chow chow. We took him home without thinking twice!

Shadow was almost 3 months when we got him and 8 months when he left us. In the last few weeks, Shadow had become extremely aggressive and we thought, well, for sure we can have him trained and back to the lovable pup we knew he could be. The advice I received from the dog trainer was that chows, by nature, are very aggressive and not suitable for families (especially families as rowdy as mine). Chows like their own space and don’t like to be bothered so you can imagine how agitated Shadow was when my kids didn’t give him his own space. The final straw came a few nights ago when he bit my husband twice. The sight of the blood made us realize that something needed to be done or else, it could be one of your sons next.

We found a great dog loving guy who had a female chow chow and was more than willing to take Shadow in. This didn’t make the goodbyes any easier. We just couldn’t contain ourselves and we all had a good cry.

I dedicate this post to my dear Shadow who I will miss terribly. I hope he gets along with his new family!

P.S. my kids are already asking when they can get a new dog!



  1. Shari

    Goodbye Shadow!! Who would have thought something so cute could be so aggressive. And did you all really cry or was it all you :-p

    • I cried and so did the kids…it was very emotional.

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